ACP - Autologous Conditioned Plasma


Treatment with autologous conditioned plasma (ACP) is a novel treatment method for wear-therapy joint pain and muscle and tendon injuries dar. has long been known that the growth factors contained in human blood can affect different healing processes positively.
On this finding, the ACP is based therapy. Means of concentrated growth factors in the blood can cure and construction processes in the damaged cartilage, muscle and tendon tissues are stimulated. Initial clinical results show significant improvements in pain and mobility course.

When can help the ACP-therapy?
It is recommended to the ACP-therapy for painful mild to moderate osteoarthritis (arthritis grade I-III) and fresh muscle and tendon injury.


How is an ACP-therapy?
A small amount of blood is taken as for a blood test from the arm vein. A special separation process of the part of the blood is obtained, the body's regenerative and arthrosehemmende contains components. The resulting body's own solution is injected into the affected joint. This is done via a specially developed dual syringe (Arthrex Double Syringe). This newly developed dual-chamber system ensures the sterile production and sterile injection of growth factors, providing maximum security.


Advantages of the ACP-treatment at a Glance


Use of the body's own regenerative powers
Recommended for mild to moderate osteoarthritis and tendon pain
concentration of growth factors in the blood
No side effects, because autologous healing mechanism is used
Safe injection practices through special



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